VISINE® Original Redness Relief {Review}

VISINE® Original Redness Relief {Review}

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I received two 1/2 fluid ounce bottles of Visine Original Redness Relief in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Do you have an issue with dry and red eyes?  I typically do not have issues unless I am exhausted and I’m sleep deprived.  My husband tends to get dry and red eyes from time to time so he keeps a bottle of VISINE®in the medicine cabinet.  I knew he would be traveling a lot this summer for business so I gave him a bottle of Visine redness relief to carry along with him.

It’s a fast-acting formula and is perfect for minor eye irritations.  It definitely gets the job done just like it says.

Have you ever gotten shampoo or soap in your eyes during a shower and discovered the burning caused red eye irritation?  I have gotten this a couple times due to being in a hurry and have used Visine Original redness relief and it cleared my eyes right up.  It can be so unsightly if it’s not taken care of.  It almost mimics pink eye if you don’t use the eye drops ASAP.

You can currently purchase Visine at any select retailers or on Amazon!

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