Quicker, Faster Meals on the Table

Quicker, Faster Meals on the Table

Getting dinner on the table is just another task on Mom’s (and sometimes Dad’s!) never-ending To Do List.  Now thanks to Prep & Serve, meal time is a snap.

Prep & Serve is Tupperware on steroids!  This modular system puts 3 containers with individual lids all under one box.  Having everything in one container means you have on hand what you need to make anything from subs to tacos to stirfry without having to hunt around for the fixings.  Best of all, you can then use Prep & Serve to store any leftovers!

Prep & Serve is also a God send when bringing food to a picnic or a potluck.  This simple twist on food storage brings Tupperware into the 21st century for busy Mom’s on the go.

The made in America, Prep & Serve began a Kickstarter campaign on July 28 to bring this innovative new culinary storage system to the masses.  http://Facebook.com/PrepAndServe

What are your thoughts on this new and upcoming product?

Lindsey Jenn

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