Crofter’s Organic Makes #BacktoSchool “Berry Easy” For #BusyFamilies!

Crofter’s Organic Makes #BacktoSchool “Berry Easy” For #BusyFamilies!

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As every busy parent knows, just because kids are back in school, it doesn’t mean that the hustle and bustle from summer goes away. After-school sports, clubs, and homework schedules can make healthy meal planning and packing nutritious lunches difficult for busy parents. To avoid the moans and groans that come from picky eaters at mealtime, Crofter’s Organic, the largest organic jam manufacturer in North America, is helping to make meal prep a snap by offering conscious consumers quick and healthy meal ideas beyond the standard PB&J.

Check out Crofter’s Top 10 Meal & Snack Ideas for Back-to-School!


1. Pair Crofter’s Organic Fruit spread with organic almond butter for a lower-sugar take on the traditional PB&J.

2. Switch out peanut butter with organic cream cheese for a delicious sandwich safe for those with nut allergies.

3. Replace sugar with Crofter’s Jam when making muffins for a lower-sugar breakfast and lunchtime snack.

4. Kids love a dollop of Crofter’s Strawberry Just Fruit spread as a replacement for high-sugar syrups on waffles and pancakes.

5. Make a “bento box” of sliced cheeses, sausage, crackers and a side of jam for a quick afternoon snack.

6. Mix a teaspoon of Crofter’s Organic fruit spread into plain greek yogurt.

7. Mix cream cheese and jam and spread on graham crackers.

8. Try a turkey sandwich with Crofter’s Organic pomegranate spread!

9. Spread Crofter’s Morello Cherry Premium spread on ham and roll it up for a low-carb snack! 10. Mix Crofter’s Organic Seville Orange with cream cheese and use as dip for cut-up fruits.



Keep an eye on the Crofter’s Organic website (, Facebook Page (, Twitter (@croftersorganic ) and Instagram (croftersorganic) accounts for more recipe ideas and upcoming family-friendly contests and giveaways.

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