My Essential Oils #HomeDiffuser

My Essential Oils #HomeDiffuser

Since trying out my essential oils after the kit arrived, I must say that I am excited and absolutely thrilled about the products and the results I am seeing so far.  First being the home diffuser you see posted above.

I want to break up my experiences as much as possible and maybe even with before and after photos, (which I wish I would have started because the essential oil Lavendar helped my 8 year old’s arm).  She got a nasty scrape from riding her bike.  Lavender was our go-to and it worked wonderfully.  Bye, bye scrape!  Applying a drop of Lavender 3 times a day was definitely worth it.  We didn’t use a single medicine cream from our cabinet.  I think I am going to like…okay, LOVE this!

Okay, back to the diffuser.  This product is so wonderful I am hoping to get a couple more for the house.


It’s very easy to use.

  • You basically just lift the lid, fill the top part with water (distilled preferred and at room temperature) to the line.
  • Add 4-8 drops or more of your favorite essential oils.  I used a combination of Thieves and Peppermint.  The scent is amazing.  It cleared my stuffy nose right up.
  • There are three settings on the Home Diffuser. Green is for consistent diffusing, red is every 30 seconds and the third mode shuts it off.  It also turns off by itself when it runs low on water and oils.
  • Just let run for up to 30 minutes few times a day.

The Home Diffuser is so easy to clean. It comes with a handy little yellow cleaner sponge.


After trying out drops of Thieves and Peppermint, I put drops of Joy (as seen above) into the diffuser.  So pleasant and heavenly.  My house smells amazing and our air just feels healthier.

Why Thieves and Peppermint?

Thieves is not only used in the diffuser, it can be applied topically, and is also used as a dietary supplement.  It supports your immune system.  Great for cold and flu season.  I have read many families put Thieves on their children’s feet.  It either fights off the cold or flu or they just never get sick.  It also eliminates airborne bacteria! Great, right?  Some teachers are also on board Thieves as well and vouch for it every time.  When cold and flu season arrives you can pretty much bet I will be using Thieves in the diffuser as well as topically.

What are the benefits of Peppermint?  It is known to help support proper digestion, liver, and respiratory functions.  It can be used in tea for digestion.  Topically for stomach issues (motion sickness), improves concentration, and more.  It also helps with sinuses which hubby and I both experienced after cleaning out our basement.  You can either rub it on the bridge of your nose or just inhale it through the nose.  Definitely works wonders.

As you can tell I am VERY happy with my Home Diffuser.  Thoughts or questions?  Feel free to email me anytime =)



Lindsey Jenn

12 thoughts on “My Essential Oils #HomeDiffuser

  1. That is a really sharp looking diffuser! I would love to try it with Lavender for a good night’s sleep!

    1. It’s fantastic! I am really impressed so far. Is it weird I can’t wait for cold and flu season to see how well it works? Haha! 😉

  2. My son and I had started coming down with bronchitis. We used the diffuser along with Breathe and On Guard (from the physicians kit). Of course, being the stubborn husband, I waited until day 4 of coughing up lungs. I put it on the floor next to the bed, right by my head so I would be breathing it all night long. The next morning, no cough! The next night, gave it to the son, he woke up breathing fine! Two days later, all coughing gone and breathing fine for both of us! Love the diffuser!

  3. This is really great to know, I keep hearing about essential oils and I really don’t know how the ‘get out’ into the air – you know? Sounds silly but I really did not – thanks for this!

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