My Experience with #CapriClear {Review}

My Experience with #CapriClear {Review}

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I received a sample of Capri Clear in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.



When the makers of Capri Clear presented me with the opportunity to review one of their products, I was so excited!  As a sufferer of moderate Eczema on my legs, I am always looking for a product to help me solve or even alleviate the problem. Going into this product review I was super excited for the possibility of what this product could do for me and I’m always hoping to share solutions with readers who have the same problems as I do!

My experience with Capri Clear:

When I received Capri Clear, it came with a fact sheet telling me about the product and what it could do for me. I loved the fact that it was colorless, odorless, and was made from 100% fractionated coconut oil. The product seemed to be all natural, which is great. Taking it out of the box, I loved the clear packaging and showed me the company had nothing to hide. From reading the box I found out that Capri Clear could help with: dry skin, sensitive skin, stretch marks, scars, hair, nails, and cuticles. I have all those things so I was hoping for a miracle worker.

Applying the product was easy enough. It’s in a spray bottle so you can spray on Capri Clear wherever you have a problem area. I choose to spray Capri Clear most frequently on my Eczema prone legs and on my thighs where I have stretch marks.

Capri Clear feels exactly the same to me as baby oil does. It’s greasy and will get on everything. I would not recommend putting on the product and then your clothes and running errands or going to work. The greasy property will get on everything. I found that the most effective way to use the Capri Clear was to apply it after I got out of the shower at night and sleep with it on. However, it still got all over my sheets at night and left me feeling like I needed to wash it off in the morning. It was moisturizing and left me without the urge to itch my Eczema suffering legs, which was a plus! Unfortunately, I didn’t see any difference in the appearance of my stretch marks on my legs. However, is there really any solution for stretch marks? If there is I haven’t found it. Let me know in the comments section if you’ve found a way to get rid of yours.

My over all opinion of Capri Clear? This would be a great product for someone with super sensitive skin, who can’t use anything else.  If you have normal skin, it’s definitely worth a shot to see if this works for you.

I want to say a big thank you to Capri Clear for allowing me the opportunity to try their product.


Capri Clear can be purchased on Amazon and other retailers such as CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens.



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  1. LOVE CapriClear. I use it every day as a moisturizer! It’s lightweight, non-greasy and great for those of us who have dry, itchy skin. Also, good for eczema sufferers too. I get mine from Walgreens.

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