Hazelnut Coffee Scented #Candle for the Fall Season {Sale}

Hazelnut Coffee Scented #Candle for the Fall Season {Sale}

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If you love the smells that come with the fall season especially coffee, you will love Hazelnut Coffee by Jewelry in Candles!  I just ordered mine and I can’t wait until it arrives.

Hazelnut Coffee candle is originally $24.95 and is currently $17.69, so don’t miss out on this awesome deal!

And yes, these amazing candles have jewelry hiding inside of them.  So fun.  You can choose if you’d like earrings, a necklace, or ladies ring! What they will look like is the surprise, which is always fun.  How on earth do they hide jewelry inside of a candle?  I guess that is something you will have to find out on your own if you do decide to purchase a candle.  Ha, such a tease, right?  Well, since I am a Rep for Jewelry in Candles (Blogging style), I guess that’s the way I do business here. Hehe!  What fun would it be if I told you right?  If you already know, shhhh! 😉

Here is a little bit of info regarding the Hazelnut Coffee scent:

“This aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans, is combined with creamy vanilla and a base note of hazelnuts. It is a warm welcome to get the morning going or a quiet evening with friends.”~JIC

For complete details of this candle, visit my Candle-icious Jewelry in Candles store!




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