Lose your Post-Pregnancy Weight with #MommySlim

Lose your Post-Pregnancy Weight with #MommySlim

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I was recently introduced to a new weight loss program for new moms called MommySlim.  I so wish this was available after all of my babies, or maybe I hadn’t heard about it yet.

MommySlim is a WonderSlim brand. It is “Weight Management Made Simple.”  If you just had a baby, you are probably interested in more details.

MommySlim is basically a weight loss program designed to work just for you.  Whether you are breast-feeding or non-breastfeeding, there is a program that you can take advantage of.

They offer Mommy Slim Diet Kits and MommySlim Shakes!  Sounds great so far, right?

MommySlim Diet Kits

Also known as “Easy Postpartum Weight Loss.”  In this kit you’ll receive healthy foods, drinks, and snacks.  You basically get to customize your own kit to meet your needs and goals.

MommySlim Shakes

These are meal replacements for new moms.  They are formulated to provide “gentle and healthy weight loss.”  Flavors come in:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Mocha
  • Vanilla

Yummy mommy favorites!  You can choose which plan works for you in the meal replacement program.

MommySlim also provides new moms interested in this weight loss program an excellent learning center.  They will show you how it works, MommySlim FAQs, Stress Management Techniques for new moms, and 8 Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy.

The weight loss program is pretty affordable as well.  You can purchase:

  • Premium Kits
  • Core Kits
  • Basic Kits

or two-week diet kits or 4-week diet kits.  MommySlim also offers sample meal plans designed specifically for nursing and non-nursing moms to give you an idea of how it works.  Calories, etc…..

When you subscribe to MommySlim you instantly get a one time $10 off coupon as well as a code on first order of $50+.



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