6 #Tips For Organizing the Office

6 #Tips For Organizing the Office

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For most of us, the office is our home away from home. Much like our real home, we tend to keep things we don’t utilize anymore in it and soon it gets cluttered and neglected. It’s completely understandable considering that our main responsibility at work is to work and not to clean up our messes. However, for many of us, a cluttered office means a less productive work day. Use these 6 tips to help you get an organized office that helps you get more done and efficiently!


  1. Purge It’s time to discard all the unwanted things. Have something that you haven’t used in a while? Something broken? Throw it away or get rid of it! Now is the time to reclaim your space and make it about work, not clutter.
  2. Create Zones- Most people have multiple responsibilities at their work. Create zones at your desk where you can focus on each responsibility. This will help you focus on the task at hand, and stick to it until it is done. It will also help you to keep items organized.
  3. Arrange Items Within Reach- Once you have created zones in your workspace, arrange items that you will need for each task, around that zone. You’ll easily be able to keep things organized and cut down time looking for a specific item.
  4. Become A Minimalist- The stuffed animals are cute, but do they really help you get your work done? Try taking the theme, less is more, to heart. Use just a few personal reminders around your desk to help it seem homey, but not too many that you get so comfortable you don’t get anything done.
  5. File Weekly-  Don’t let your ‘to file’ pile get out of hand. Determine a time each week where you will take time to file papers. This will keep the clutter off your desk, and help to keep you productive by providing a little break from the norm once a week.
  6. Get Ready For The Next Day, Everyday- At the end of day, take just a few minutes to clean everything off and get ready for the next day. When you come into the office tomorrow, you won’t be thinking about all the things that you didn’t get done yesterday, but will be looking forward to the day to come.




Stephanie Hanson

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