Parenting Expert Rosie Pope Offers Tips for #NationalBabySafetyMonth

Parenting Expert Rosie Pope Offers Tips for #NationalBabySafetyMonth

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Did you know that it’s National Baby Safety Month?  Parenting expert, Rosie Pope, offers some amazing insight on lifesaving tips on keeping babies safe in their most vulnerable years.

Here are a few of Rosie’s top tips for National Baby Safety Month:

  • No outerwear in car seats as fall approaches (specs not made for this so compression in accident can cause car seat ejection).
  • No accessories on a car seat (injury and again car seats not designed to be safe with accessories – testing done with out) – many gadgets to entertain or for comfort are on the market for sale.
  •  No snacking while cars are in motion (choking) and difficult to pull over to perform CPR.
  •  No bumpers on cribs (suffocation).
  • No laying on a changing table with out using security strap (falling injury).
  • Rubber bands and balloons are some of the worst things to choke on as almost impossible to get up – be sure never to leave lying around or let little ones blow up balloons for parties or play with rubber bands.
  • No walking/running with a toothbrush – get your kids to sit down to brush eg kitchen table or lie on the bed.
  • Do get a nozzle cover for your bath as kids usually at head height and can fall back or hit when playing.
  • Never put your baby in he bath without checking temperature on sensitive part of your body eg underside of wrist – your toe or finger is too tough.
  • Don’t bathe or shower your kids in a lightning storm.
  • Inspect and replace bike helmets after crash or when foam is crushed. Regular inspection needed as kids may have not realized they hit it – same goes for throwing helmets.


Rosie is also releasing her Fall Maternity and Baby Collection this month.

To learn more about Rosie Pope, click here.




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