Repair your Walls with Patch Paint ‘n Go

Repair your Walls with Patch Paint ‘n Go

I received a Patch Paint ‘n Go in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


If you have unsightly cracks and holes in your wall, you will want to keep reading.  Realistically it can be a pain and expensive to repair these issues, but something was recently developed that I think will really catch on without having to worry about a messy paint can anymore.

The Patch Paint ‘n Go is a quick paint-can transfer system.  It’s basically an applicator tube where you add your desired color of wall paint, follow the recommended instructions, and presto, you are good to go!

I was definitely on board this idea when presented to me as we are in the process of fixing up our home to be sell or rent-ready.  We have a few holes and cracks that need to be repaired after we do a serious cosmetic paint job.

The wall repair kit has everything you need to patch and paint damaged walls:

  • Mesh Paint
  • Wall Plaster
  • Spreading Card
  • Sand Paper
  • Color-Glide Pro Paint Applicator Tubes
  • Paint Transfer Pumps

To get started, you basically prep your area, apply mesh tape, mix and apply wall plaster, sand and smooth or texture, then primer and paint!

Because we are still in the process of getting our house prepped (demanding schedule getting in the way), we haven’t been given the opportunity to use our Patch, Paint, ‘n Go kit.  I am aching to use it and when we finally do, I will post an update here about the results of the quick paint-can transfer system.  I was so hoping to have been able have used it by now, but life definitely happens!  I thought I would at least share this product with you in case you have some house repair projects coming up that involve wall repair.  This looks like an incredible invention!

Check out this demonstration video to give you an idea of how this product works:

For more details or updates on Patch Paint ‘n Go, follow them on Pinterest.  You can currently purchase the Patch Paint ‘n Go kit on Amazon!


Lindsey Jenn

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