Get a Dose of #VOUS Vitamin {Review}

Get a Dose of #VOUS Vitamin {Review}

I received samples of VOUS Vitamin in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Have you ever heard of VOUS Vitamin?  I honestly had never heard of it until it was introduced to me just recently.  “They are an innovative line of personalized multivitamins created by two women doctors.”

Vous unique blend of Vitamins C, D3 and zinc provides the right nutrients for the body to fend off germs and disease, keeping you and the little ones going all season long!

Vous offers several different blends of multivitamins and situational supplements. ALL Vous supplements are freshly made, gluten-free, dairy, non-GMO, void of any meat products, and manufactured in the USA. All Vous Vitamins are sold in compliance with FDA regulations.

Do your kids frequently come home from school feeling sick? Coming down with something and need a quick boost? Take Immune Blast with water twice daily so you don’t let cold and flu season get the best of your family!

There are three types of VOUS Vitamin options:

  • Power Up
  • Recovery Act
  • Immune Blast


Power Up is a natural energy boost with no sugar or caffeine. If you are prepping for a big marathon or just an intense day this is the route to take.

Recovery Act is for when you have a big night on the town planned.  This will help you be prepared so that you are not worn out before the evening is over.  Be prepared before and after your event.

Immune Blast will help you “blast” your way through cold and flu season or just when you are feeling run down.

I really like Power Up and Immune Blast.  I didn’t have any negative side effects (not sure if this is typical for everyone).  So far I haven’t been sick, but I am sure it’s due to a combo of essential oils and immune blast.  Those bad germs don’t have a chance!  My immune system is kicking rear I am sure! Ha!

I have noticed that my energy levels are a little different.  With my busy and intense schedules, I was willing to try anything safe and Power Up seems to do the trick for me.

I am not sure if I will be buying these VOUS vitamins regularly, but it was definitely nice to give them a shot.

Vous Vitamin is currently $6.99 a pack.  They are currently having a deal where if you buy two packs, you can get the third one free! Nice deal!  Just use the code VOUS4U  when you check out.

For more info and updates about VOUS Vitamin, follow them on Facebook, and Twitter,

I want to thank the folks over at VOUS Vitamin for allowing me to try your supplements to share with my readers.  It was a joy!

Lindsey Jenn

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