It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 2

It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 2

I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.  If you purchase a product in my links during the blog party, I receive a percentage of commissions.  Thanks for your support.


Welcome to {Day 2} of my Perfectly Posh launch party {Blogging Style}.  I hope you have enjoyed the products I showcased on day 1.  I use those daily and recommend them highly.

Today I would like to talk about Chunk! Bath Bar, Skindelicious Body Butter, and Mint for Each Other Body Scrub.

I have two of the Chunk! Bath Bars in front of me:

30308P GenderBlender 1inch chunk

The Treat Yourself Sugar Cookie is so wonderful and my sensitive skin is happier for it.  It is a nourishing bar which is also organic based. It has such a sweet scent and is very gentle on the skin.  Don’t you just love the wrapper?  So posh!

The Gender Bender Chunk bath bar is a Charcoal DTox! Sounds awesome, right? I haven’t had the chance of trying this one yet, but can’t wait.  Why is it called Gender Bender?  Because men and women can use it.  It’s nice finding a natural product that will help pull pollutants out of the skin.  My hubby is eager to try it as well.

Now onto the Skindelicious Body Butter.  I have in front of me:


Skindelicious Dragon Mojo Body Butter is perfect if you want to increase skin’s radiance, tightening, ease inflammation, and more.  One of the key ingredients believe it or not is Wasabi.  I definitely plan on using this for the harsh dry winter months to keep my skin soft and nourished.

Now onto my favorite product of today’s party….I have in front of me:


The Mint For Each Other (MFEO) body scrub totally rocks!  Not only does it contain Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Leaf, the scrub is so luxurious and it ignites your senses.  I feel so fabulous and alert after using it in the shower.  Peppermint Oil is known for this also.  It’s so yummy smelling like peppermint all day. 😉

Thanks for coming to day 2 of my blog party.  I hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing products.  I am definitely excited about them for myself.  No more buying skin care products at the store for me.  Remember, these are natural and 100% Vegan.

Feel free to take a look at my events page: or even shop or browse the website.  See you tomorrow on day 3.  I will be talking about the Shine Bright Diamond Scrub and the All Mixed Up shower and bath steamers.

**I was just informed that the links are not working properly so I removed them and even my events page link is not linking properly.  If you would like to make an order, just email me at  Thank you.

Remember, I will be giving away a mystery product coming up soon.  Stay tuned for that. See you then! =)

Lindsey Jenn

8 thoughts on “It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 2

  1. Winter really hasn’t even begun and already my skin is getting dry. I think I need to try this Body Butter. Sounds really nice.

    1. You will love it! I definitely will not be buying skin care stuff from the stores anymore. Since it’s all organic and 100% Vegan, my skin has never been better. So happy to have found these products.

    1. Thanks Liz for letting me know. So strange, it won’t let me link to the products for some reason. I have the events page to the website. I guess I will have to remove the links from the products listed. Thanks again! I also notice their website is slow, oh dear. =(

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