It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 3

It’s a Perfectly Posh Kind of Day #BlogParty Day 3

I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.  If you purchase a product in my links during the blog party, I receive a percentage of commissions.  Thanks for your support.


Welcome to day 3 of my {blog party}.  I hope you enjoyed the products from day 2.  I was informed and also discovered there are linking issues from my blog to my Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant website.  The events page tends to say I am not active, etc.  I am hoping to have these issues resolved soon.  My website is  You may have to copy and paste into separate browser in order for it to work, if it says inactive, you may have to hit refresh as it works for me that way.  You may also just have to type it in directly as it takes you to someone else’s website. Sorry about that.  =(  I was just informed that they are having website issues.

Now onto these exciting and fun products. Here is what I have in front of me:

Shine Bright Like a Diamond30492P Mixd Up Fragrance 1inch

Shine Bright Like a Diamond Scrub is perfect if you want a more aggressive approach to exfoliating.  Get ready to remove some serious dead layers to keep your face younger looking.  It’s advised to only use once a week .  The Diamond scrub contains Coconut Oil!  This is another product I can’t wait to give a shot.  Because I have sensitive skin, I am always careful, but since trying out the other products so far, I am convinced my skin will be better off.

Now it’s time to get All Mixed Up!

I have a box of 6 fragrances you can mix into a bath or shower.  The 6 I have are:

  • Fine Shine
  • A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
  • Cranberry Captivation
  • Muscle Through (Magnesium Sulfate Therapy)
  • Honey Come Hither
  • Tea Zing

These are so wonderful you will not want to leave the shower. So relaxing and heavenly.  I steam mine in the shower.

If you would like to browse or shop around at these and other products, you can try my website.  Hopefully it is working, please let me know if it doesn’t at  I can take orders through my email just as easily. =)

Tomorrow I will be talking about:

  • Posh Life Coconut Oil
  • Pamperology: Honey and Annatto

Remember, I will also be having a giveaway this Friday on a mystery product.  Stay tuned. 😉

Lindsey Jenn

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