Dogs Deserve #ThanksgivingTreats and #StockingStuffers Too

Dogs Deserve #ThanksgivingTreats and #StockingStuffers Too

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If you have a dog as a pet, you and I both know that they instantly become a part of the family.  We had two beautiful dogs through the years.  A Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute.

After my third sweet baby girl was born we unfortunately had to give our Husky of 8 years away to our neighbor.  We got her as a puppy at 8 weeks. She was my buddy.  After we started having babies, she felt replaced I think and never acted the same.  We made the tough decision of giving her away.  She was much happier though to go to a couple with no kids.  Our Malamute was with us for 13 years.  He was my teddy bear.  At Christmas time he would even get special treats in his doggy stocking.  So cute.  I had to share as this post reminds me so much of those days.  I miss having dogs.


Pet Stockings

With that said, of course dogs deserve Thanksgiving treats and Stocking Stuffers too.

Available in two amazing, grain-free flavors, Only Natural Pet Holiday Dog Biscuits are aromatic, highly palatable treats made from the healthiest flavors of the holiday season. Made safely in the USA, these crunchy treats can easily be broken for training, or given as a whole piece.

Only Natural Pet Holiday Dog Biscuits are oven baked in small batches to retain flavor and are made with the highest-quality ingredients.


Pumpkin Pie Biscuits

Perfect for Thanksgiving! A dog friendly take on a classic holiday treat, Pumpkin Pie Biscuits are made with stomach soothing pumpkin, and feature a hint of delicious, aromatic pecans and cinnamon. These delicious ingredients are gently oven baked together to create a treat that’s so tantalizing, you might want to eat one yourself!

Holiday Duck Biscuits


An only Natural Pet holiday favorite, Holiday Duck Biscuits rich, savory duck meat together with delicious, antioxidant rich cranberries and a hint of aromatic mint.  These high quality ingredients combine in a wholesome, oven baked treat that gives your dog a satisfying crunch and a rewarding treat.


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