My Experience with Nerium’s Age-Defying Day & Night Cream {Post 1}

I have been provided with samples of Nerium to try in exchange for my series of review posts.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

How many moms out there have noticed minor or even major changes in their physical appearance the past few years?  This could be in the face, neck, etc.  Having babies and age can be contributing factors in this.  While it’s indeed upsetting, there are ways to alter some of these problems.

Welcome to my personal experience with Nerium.  Have you heard of them?  Nerium International offers “Real Science, Real Results.”  They are a “leading business  with a revolutionary skin care product.”  I received the night cream and the day cream as seen in the pic below:


On day 5 of my experience, I surprisingly started seeing some real results such as tightening in my kneck, under my chin, and the lines on my neck are fading.  Is this a figment of my imagination?  This was my first question.  I am now on day 11 and waiting for more evident results.  I am keeping a close eye under my chin and neck as I thankfully don’t have any wrinkles or lines on my face.

I had debated if I will do a before picture now and then add it again with an after picture, but I decided this will just be an introduction post to my experience and hopefully you will stay along for the ride with me, haha.  I plan on doing post 2 in the next couple of weeks or so along with photos so stay tuned….hoping to have  clear pictures and results to share with you.

If you are interested in Nerium for yourself, my Rep is Shannon Ciaramellano.  Feel free to visit her website or contact her at

Lindsey Jenn

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