My Experience with Nerium’s Age-Defying Day & Night Cream {Post 2}

My Experience with Nerium’s Age-Defying Day & Night Cream {Post 2}


In a recent post, I shared that I started trying out Nerium’s Age-Defying Day & Night cream.  So far so good.

I fortunately do not have any lines or wrinkles on my face as of yet so I wasn’t sure what results I would achieve.  However, my main concern has been the loose skin and lines under my chin and my neck.

I am starting to notice a little change almost 30 days in using Nerium.  The lines on my neck are starting to fade as you can see in the pics below:


I tried taking the pictures in the same lighting as they are many days a part, but my camera phone wasn’t cooperating with me. So I changed them to black and white format to see if it would highlight any of those issues, and sure enough, you can see the difference. I am pleasantly surprised.  Even just looking into the mirror I see the lines are becoming less visible.  I wasn’t sure about this product in the beginning, but now I am seeing what all of the excitement is about.

I’m still waiting on my loose skin under my chin to tighten up. Hopefully Nerium will help this issue.  I am almost finished with both the day and night cream bottles, so we will see if it does anything else.  If anything those nasty neck lines are fading and I am so excited about that.

If you would like more information on this product contact Shannon Ciaramellano at or feel free to visit her website.

Lindsey Jenn

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