Southeastern Michigan Gearing up for First Big Snowfall of the Season

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If you are in the southeastern area, you have probably noticed the winter storm watches popping up everywhere for tonight into tomorrow all day and evening.

Who is ready for some “big” snow?  They are saying 6-10 inches depending on the area with blowing and drifting snow….Yuck!  Winter is no doubt in full swing. For all of you south and north of the state, how is your weather?

I keep reading Michigan status updates regarding packed grocery stores and gas stations.  It’s definitely smart to stock and fill up.  If you have been delaying your grocery shopping trips and filling up your cars, it’s best to get out there before the storm hits.  Hubby ran out to Target for a few items so I think we are set and praying our heat stays on.  It broke last week. =(



For all of my southeastern Michigan followers, stay warm and stay smart.  Try not to drive out in that white stuff if you don’t have to.  Be careful shoveling if you are without a snowblower….yeah, ours busted last winter…booo. :/  Gold old-fashioned shoveling.

Look out for your neighbors too.  We have a precious elderly couple across the street from us and they are always on top of things.  We keep our eye on them from a distance as not to insult them. 😉

Have a blessed evening!


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  1. We’re in West Michigan with about 6″ down! And it’s not stopping! Great tips 🙂

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