Southeastern Michigan Hit by Serious Snow

Southeastern Michigan Hit by Serious Snow


If you live in the southeastern part of the state and beyond, you woke up to almost a foot of snow or more.  I know snow totals vary depending on where you are.   It’s obviously bad enough to close schools, colleges, universities, and even county courtrooms for the day.  I know blowing snow is a factor in this as well.  Some roads aren’t even passable.  Salt trucks and plows are out and about doing their best to clear the roadways.  Kudos to them.

It literally just snowed all day yesterday with shoveling and snow blowing more than once.  As I look out our window this morning, our side streets look difficult to push through.  Drifting snow is evident on the roofs, porches, and fences. I guess it could be worse, so thankful it isn’t.


If you have to shovel the snow, be careful and take your time.  Take plenty of breaks.  Also if you have to head out, drive safely and use extra precaution.  My hubby is about to head out for a business appointment.  Thank goodness we finally have an all wheel drive vehicle.  Cars are getting stuck out there.

My heart just aches for this without food, clothing, shelter, and warmth.  Praying their needs are met today.  It’s so very cold as well.

I know I have three exciting kiddies this morning. The white stuff may cause headaches elsewhere, but it’s a great thing for winter activities such as sledding, snow angels, snow forts, igloos, building a snowman, etc.  Might as well make the most of it. 😉

How much snow did your city or county receive?



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