Introducing….The Website you Have Been Waiting For

Introducing….The Website you Have Been Waiting For


Momstamp is a new technology platform that allows parents to connect with their extended friend networks to find local service providers.  Momstamp is Angie’s List and Yelp meets Facebook.

The goal of Momstamp is to make parents’ lives easier. Parents are able to search, organize, and save the names of recommended service providers quickly and efficiently.  Imagine getting plumber, pediatric dentist, and math tutor recommendations not from strangers you know little about, but from your friends, or your friend’s friends.  Those recommendations are truly invaluable.

According to co-founder Paulette Light:

“Momstamp provides a technology solution to what we do every day – get recommendations from our friends.  We knew there had to be a better answer than unorganized mass emails, lost sticky-notes, or buried Facebook posts.  Momstamp provides structure, ease, and convenience around word of mouth recommendations.”


Momstamp was created by three moms with ten kids between them and all with equally impressive resumes.  Having graduated from Columbia, Harvard and with an MBA from Wharton, Paulette Light was featured in Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive and on the Katie Couric Show. Staci Miller a graduate from The Wharton School of Business and with an MBA from Harvard Business School, was the VP of Operations & Strategy at Warner Brothers Online, overseeing design, project management, engineering, and advertising sales for the studio’s online business.  Julie Hermelin is an expert in content and branding in the parent space and is an acclaimed director, producer and writer.  She created the brand launch for The Mother Company and recently directed the Ms. Foundation’s Gloria Steinem special.

“Moving through each milestone in our families’ lives – from decorating a baby’s first nursery, to finding summer camps, to managing our children’s doctors, to remodeling a kitchen – can be both exciting and very overwhelming.  Having the support and recommendations of your friend community is very powerful,” says Staci Miller, co-founder of

Momstamp has some industry heavy hitters behind the site, Brian Lee, CEO of The Honest Company and Managing Partner Bam Ventures, Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand, and artists Shepard and Amanda Fairey are among the backers.

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