National Nutrition Month: Healthy Lunchbox Must-Haves

National Nutrition Month: Healthy Lunchbox Must-Haves

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With this month being National Nutrition Month, it is the perfect time to evaluate what goes into your child’s lunchbox and to encourage them to make healthier food choices at school.

Here’s your healthy lunch checklist according to an article on Web MD:
•    Whole-grain crackers and peanut butter
•    Raw broccoli, carrots and peppers with hummus dip
•    Clementine orange
•    Lunchbox Buddies note



Created by professional designer and father of three, Jim Adorney, Lunchbox Buddies provides a quick and easy way to make healthy lunches more fun. With creative collections ranging from superheroes to space creatures, each packet of Lunchbox Buddies contains a month’s worth of silly characters and messages to add excitement to what kids may consider to be a ‘boring’ healthy lunch.

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