How to Easily Peel Farm Fresh Boiled Eggs

How to Easily Peel Farm Fresh Boiled Eggs

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For those of you who have your own farm fresh eggs or get them from someone else, you know that this is almost impossible… hard boil farm fresh eggs and have them not look like they have been already chewed on. Fresh eggs are somewhat a disaster to boil and look presentable.

I personally have been through the mill with suggestions on how to make this possible. One suggestion is to let the eggs sit out on the counter for a couple of days to age, add vinegar to the water or baking soda, or to steam or to put quickly in ice-cold water after boiling. Well, after several tries with several fails…..I finally got it figured out.

Follow along as it’s actually easy:

1. Take a thumb tack and pierce a pin prick hole on the large end of the egg. (Yes, there should be one end larger than the other.) This hole should not poke too far in as it will put a hole in the membrane and cause the egg to leak during the boiling process.

2. Fill your boiling pot with water (enough that will cover the eggs, but do not add eggs yet). Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil.

3. Once the water is boiling, gently add your eggs with a slotted spoon. Boil for 20 minutes on a medium boil…..not high.

4. Once the boiling process is finished, transfer eggs to a bowl filled with ice cubes. Gently transfer the eggs to the ice-cube bowl and then fill with cold water to submerge the eggs. Allow another 20 minutes to cool in the ice water.


5. After 20 minutes cooling, take the eggs out of the cold water and begin to peel. Gently bang (crack) the large end on the counter and then do the small end and then continue to bang (crack) the rest of the egg around by rolling it on the counter.

6. Carefully peel from the large end first and continue down the egg to completion.

This easy process has becoming a game changer for me. My family loves deviled eggs and now I’m able to make them on a whim at any time. Give it a try today! You will be amazed how well it works!

Cynthia Tait

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