Simple Spring Home Improvements

Simple Spring Home Improvements


After the long and dreary Winter months, many people decide to allocate more time to cleaning, organizing, and improving their homes. The results can be amazing, but without the proper plan in place spring cleaning can seem like a dunting and overwhelming task. Here’s a list of simple home improvements you can do this season that have big rewards.

Landscaping: Go all the way by completely redoing the layouts of flower beds and overall appeal of your lawn, or just add a little something special to your front yard. Whatever level of job you are willing to take on, studies show that adding color to your front lawn can be eye-catching and really helps your home’s curb appeal.

Bathroom Remodel: While big jobs like replacing a tub can be expensive, many smaller, less expensive jobs, can really help you update your space. Add color to your bathroom through paint, recoat and chalk your tub or make it look like new again, and try replacing the flooring. Each of these jobs can be done without training and can really help you spruce up.

Kitchen Update: Nothing can age your home faster than an outdated kitchen. By creating space, or the illusion of space, you can really add-on the bucks when re-selling your home. Try taking out cabinets to free up space. Small and inexpensive changes like adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, adding a faux concrete countertop, or updating hardware on the cabinets can go a long way for updating your space.

Garage Update: Most homeowners decide to update their garage because they simply can’t take the annoyance of the overwhelming amount of stuff in their garage anymore. However, by updating your home and putting in a garage storage system in place you can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. Try adding storage space in the form of shelving and cabinets. Fix imperfected flooring by adding a corrective epoxy floor coating.

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