Glitter Tots Becomes a Glitter Nation with Legions of Loyal Sparkling Fans

Glitter Tots Becomes a Glitter Nation with Legions of Loyal Sparkling Fans

Parents Struggling to Apply Sunscreen to Children Rejoice!  Sparkle Screen by Glitter Nation Now Available in over 700 Stores Nationwide.


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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.April 20, 2015Glitter Tots, creator of Sparkle Screen, is expanding and rebranding its name and product lines due to exponential growth and demand. Officially now Glitter Nation, Sparkle Screen, the brand’s most popular product, is still the coolest way to beat the heat this summer.

Summer is all about sand, surf and sun… exposure.  With children getting three times more sun exposure than adults*, sunscreen becomes a critical part of playing outdoors, and getting kids to wear it can be a challenge. Sparkle Screen and its natural ingredients makes the process of applying easier and more fun.

Sparkle Screen is a broad spectrum SPF 30+ natural sunscreen, PABA and Paraben free, and is loaded with anti-oxidants. What makes it unique is its gorgeous glitter, made with aluminum-free, BPA free, plastic glitter. FDA approved and independently tested, Sparkle Screen is safe and non-irritating to even the littlest ones.


“We started this company with a passionate mission to make our kids want to wear their sunscreen; and in just a year, we have added over 700 stores and there are no signs of slowing down.” says Meredith Madsen, CEO and co-founder of Glitter Nation “Currently, Sparkle Screen is the only sunscreen sold in premier children’s boutiques across the country, and that’s because we made a great sunscreen, understanding what kids and parents want. Plus, it’s fun to wear.  What’s better than that?”

Founded on fun in the sun, Glitter Nation released Jungle Screen this year, an all-natural sparkle sunscreen with bug repellant for glamour campers.

Using all-natural ingredients, including lemongrass, citronella, cedar and peppermint oils to prevent bugs from biting, Jungle Screen provides safe, effective, broad-spectrum sun protection.  With safari gold glitter and a fresh Summer Woods scent, Jungle Screen makes sun protection and bug protection fun.

“By making sunscreen fun and fabulous, Sparkle Screen takes the struggle out of the typical sunscreen,” said Dianna Akers, COO and co-founder, “Parents can just say ‘Let’s put your glitter on!’  And the kids just run over with excitement, all the while getting the sun protection they need with a flare of fun.”

Sparkle Screen is available online and in over 700 stores nationwide, as well as in Canada, Mexico Europe and the Caribbean. Glitter Nation offers three varieties, including Strawberry-scented with Pink Glitter ($16.95; 4 oz.), Kiwi Pear-scented with Gold Glitter ($16.95; 4 oz.) and Jungle Screen with Summer Woods Scent and Safari Gold glitter ($16.95; 3 oz.).

For more information on Glitter Nation, its products or to purchase just in time for summer and planned family getaways, visit

**According to the Sun Safety Alliance
Glitter Nation is founded by two Fort Lauderdale-based moms with the same vision: Amazing, great smelling, natural, safe sunscreen that kids can’t wait to wear: Only tested on kids, never tested on animals, we are full of passion for our gorgeous Sparkle Screen. Try it once, you’ll immediately see why. Learn more at

*Images courtesy of Sparklescreen

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