Spring Writing Fun

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Does your child dread writing? Writing doesn’t have to be boring or a drag.  Believe it or not, writing can be enjoyable and an adventure.  It’s a chance to expand minds and imaginations. Since we are now in the spring season, there are a few writing ideas to spark kids’ creativity.  From spring writing prompts to creative writing, there are enough ideas to help your child get their creative juices flowing.
1. I Wish – This is a pretty fun writing activity. First off, have your child get into proper lighting to have you trace their silhouette.  Have them cut it out and put it onto a piece of construction paper.  Then have them write out a list of things they wish for and glue it next to the silhouette. Make a picture of a dandelion next to the silhouette as if it’s blowing to make a wish.
2. Earth Day Writing Activity – This is a clever writing activity I found.  Cut out a blue circle shape from construction paper, probably the size of the bottom of a bowl.  Have your child paint their hand with green paint or glitter paint and put their hand print right in the center of the circle. Paint on patches of “land” around the hand print.  It will resemble the earth which is pretty cool.  Underneath have your child write about how they plan to take care of the earth.
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