Congratulations, Kelly! Michigan State Finalist for National American Miss {Pre-Teen Pageant}

Congratulations, Kelly! Michigan State Finalist for National American Miss {Pre-Teen Pageant}


Miss Kelly Clair, 12 ( on May 2nd), has been chosen as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Michigan Pageant to be held July 2-4 at the beautiful Adobe Hotel (Formerly Hyatt Regency) in Dearborn, Michigan.  American Miss pageants are held for girls ages 4-18, and have five different divisions.  Kelly will be participating in the pre-teen age division, along with other outstanding young ladies from across the great state of Michigan.

The winner of the Pageant will receive a $1,000 cash award, the official crown and banner, a bouquet of roses, and air transportation to compete in the National Pageant in California where she will receive an exciting complementary Tour of Hollywood and two V.I.P tickets to Disneyland.

The National American Miss Pageants are dedicated to celebrating America’s future leaders and equipping them with life-long skills.  Each year the pageant nationally awards more than 1.5 millions dollars in cash, scholarships, and other prizes, which includes a New Ford Mustang Convertible!

The National American Miss Pageants are unlike any other.  All activities and competitions are kept age appropriate.  Girls under the age of 12 are not allowed to wear make-up, and there is no swimsuit competition.  The Pageant program is based on inner-beauty, as well as poise and presentation and offers an All-American spirit of fun for family and friends.  Emphasis is put on the importance of developing self-confidence, learning good sportsmanship, as well as setting and achieving personal goals.  The Pageant recognizes the accomplishments of each girl while encouraging her to set goals for her future.

Families interested in learning more about this unique and outstanding youth program may visit

Miss Kelly’s activities include: tumbling, fashion design, drawing, reading, and blogging.  She also enjoys music, horses, hanging with her friends at church, and fun with family.

Congratulations, Kelly! We are so proud of you.

Lindsey Jenn

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