Leap Into Spring with Functional and Flavorful Teas

Leap Into Spring with Functional and Flavorful Teas

Spring has sprung again! And brushing off the cobwebs of winter means a diet reboot. The rich, heavy foods we crave in the cold weather, compounded by less activity, can often lead us to feeling lethargic and even toxic. At the same time, allergy season is in full bloom.

Drinking more liquids to flush out the system is a well-known method to cleanse and move out the old. Choice Organic Teas, the original organic tea company, has two delicious tea varieties in its popular WELLNESS TEAS* lineup to help.


Simply Detox_300dpi

The liver needs some love this time of year. SIMPLY DETOX* features roasted dandelion root, a celebrated liver cleanser that supports healthy liver function and digestion.* Purifying burdock root and full-bodied rooibos round out this health-conscious blend.* This earthy tea has a smoky taste that is both rich and savory.



breathing space 11_14It’s allergy season! While detoxifying herbs can help, flushing and cleansing are not always enough to avoid the seasonal sniffles brought on by the changing seasons.


To help maintain a healthy respiratory system, BREATHING SPACE* tea features a combination of Echinacea, one of the most popular immunity-supporting herbs, paired with elder flower, trusted by herbalists to support healthy sinuses, ears and throats.* Eucalyptus, known for thousands of years to help support normal respiratory function for healthy breathing, rounds out this delicious amber cup with bright, minty taste.*

 Both of these WELLNESS* teas are Certified Organic, Gluten-Free Certified, and caffeine-free.

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