Jenny Rodriguez Introduces Mommy’s Newest Little Helper, Ivoreez!

Jenny Rodriguez Introduces Mommy’s Newest Little Helper, Ivoreez!

Just in time for summer!  Play time can be learning time without the hassle. Jenny Rodriguez, a mother of seven, wife of a retired Navy office and business owner is here to give busy mom’s a helping hand.  Rodriguez is revolutionizing the way people learn to play music by making it a breeze for children and adults become musicians while strengthening memory and learning skills.

The days of beginning musicians having to spend endless hours practicing and learning musical theory will be a thing of the past after the introduction of Ivoreez.  The method is simple; just match the color of the lyrics to the color on the keyboard.  No learning. No practice time. Just play! Check out how easy it is here: and 

As a musician myself since the age of 4, I am classically trained in the areas of vocals, flute, and piano, I am very curious to see how this works.  I have spent years learning theory and practicing which I think is a reward in itself.  I believe one is a true musician if they have this foundation in music.  I will possibly be reviewing this product in the days ahead and let you know my thoughts. Very exciting! ~Lindsey-Owner and Publisher Michigan Mom Living.

More About Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez is the founder/CEO of Ivoreez. She is the wife of a Navy veteran and mother of 7 children, she is a music teacher, and has been a professional vocalist and pianist for 20+ years. Jennifer currently works as a director for a church in San Diego, California. She made the following statement about Ivoreez, “My mission is to promote the benefits and joy of playing the piano with a method that is fun, easy to use, and brings instant gratification: Playing by reading song LYRICS….not notes.” To learn more about Ivoreez, visit them online at their website,, or get an early start by checking out the Ivoreez kickstarter campaign at


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