5 Tips To Organize Your Kitchen The Very Easy Way

5 Tips To Organize Your Kitchen The Very Easy Way


Most people focus on arranging and organizing the most frequented places of their home– their living room, bedroom and hallways. However, one of the places at home that needs organizing the most is no other than the kitchen. Organization is a must for the kitchen area as this is the place where the food is prepared. Additionally, this part of the home is where lots of kitchen equipment and small items are kept. As a result, this has the highest tendency to become cluttered and crowded.

Are you planning to finally organize your kitchen? Do you have no idea how you can put all your kitchen items in place? If you do not know where to start, here are some simple ways on how you can put your kitchen in order:

  • Take advantage of basket cases.

One of the most difficult item to arrange in the kitchen is the pantry. If you have kids, your pantry might be filled with grab and go snacks, tomato sauces, chips and many more. It is also the storage for dish washing liquid and many other kitchen materials. The best way to organize these items is to categorize these products. Use see-through kitchen baskets to group the items. Place all cookies in one basket, the chips in another and so on and so forth. To make things a lot easier, place some signs on the baskets so you can easily locate what you need.

  • Make use of hanging storage.

If your kitchen area is already running low on horizontal space, the next and easiest thing that you can do is to take advantage of the available vertical space. You can make use of hanging storage like rack,s cabinets and many more. Instead of crowding your cabinet with too much tools and glassware, try hanging these items.

  • Take advantage of narrow spaces.

Oftentimes, we tend to neglect the narrow spaces in between kitchen appliances. What we don’t understand is the fact that these can be great storage spaces. Do you have narrow space in between your sink and refrigerator? How about your stove and kitchen counter? If yes, you can take advantage of these spaces by creating a narrow storage cabinet that can easily store all your spices and other cooking items.

  • Use Lazy Susan.

Messy cooking items like ketchup bottles, cooking oil containers and many more have high tendency to spill so storing these in cabinets is a big no-no. The best and mess-free way to store these items is to make use of a Lazy Susan.

  • Employ dividers in kitchen drawers.

Your drawers tend to be the messiest part of your kitchen area. With the use of drawer organizers, you can keep every item inside the drawer in place.

Organizing your kitchen does not have to be so hard. No matter how many kitchen tools or items you have in your kitchen, there will always be an easy way to place everything in order. Incorporate the ways provided above and you can surely keep your kitchen clean and organized in no time.

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips To Organize Your Kitchen The Very Easy Way

  1. Now a days, I am thinking to organize my kitchen and during the research I found this info. I have much open space and fewer cabinets and was thinking to add more, but now I think Lazy Susan looks like a good option for me, can use it in many ways, Thanks for sharing Lindsey

    1. Hi Seema, thanks for your comment. Getting organized is always helpful in every day living for sure. A big thanks goes to Ron for sharing this post with us! Excellent tips. =)

      1. Thanks Lindsey for the opportunity of posting my articles at your great blog! 🙂

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