Mother’s Day Ideas All Year Round

Mother’s Day Ideas All Year Round


I know that Mother’s Day is behind us now and Father’s Day is just around the corner, but before I give you year-round Father’s Day ideas, I wanted to share with you year-round Mother’s Day ideas.  I am delayed in posting this, but wanted to get this out there anyways since they are indeed “year-round” ideas.  Enjoy!

Even though Mother’s Day is technically celebrated one day a year, you can still celebrate the mother in your life all year-round. Same goes for Father’s Day, etc.   What are some fun and inexpensive or (even free) ideas you can do with the kiddies to celebrate mom?

Tissue Paper Flowers  

Instead of buying a real bouquet of flowers, how about making your own?  The plus side? They never die.  All you need is tissue paper in bright or pastel colors and green piper cleaners.  To make it easier to make the flower, feel free to use paper plates as the base and then go to town decorating with crumbled pieces of tissue paper until the paper plate is completely covered.  Attach to the top of a green pipe cleaner and presto, a beautiful flower.  You made need to double or triple up the pipe cleaners to make it sturdier for the heavy tissue paper.  If you want leaves on your stem, cut them out of green construction paper and attach.

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