5 Crafts You Can Make with Mason Jars

5 Crafts You Can Make with Mason Jars
Mason Jars are a popular craft item these days.  You may see ideas ranging from fun to elegant on Internet sites such as Pinterest, Etsy, and more.   You can purchase Mason Jars from most craft and hobby shops such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby and for an inexpensive price.  This is a great way to get a child’s creative juices flowing.   Here are 5 craft ideas you can make with Mason Jars:
1. Mason Jar Aquarium – This is a fun, creative, and brilliant craft using a simple Mason Jar.  For full details (including other materials) on how to put this together visit: http://www.HelloWonderful.co.
2. Super Hero Banks – If your child is a fan of a specific superhero, this is the perfect craft for them.  Turn your mason jar into a superhero bank.  For full details visit http://www.FireFliesandMudPies.com.
 To see the rest of these craft ideas, visit my guest post over at Kayser Nissan.

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