Help your Child Become a Fast and Fluent Reader

Help your Child Become a Fast and Fluent Reader

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As an early childhood educator, I have always viewed early literacy as important for every child even during infancy.  No, babies can’t read yet, but early literacy isn’t always about reading the words.  It can be the pictures, parents reading aloud, and more.

Starting early will help a child gain curiosity with reading and it all starts with the parent.  If we set an example, such as reading in front of them, they will most likely want to emulate.

As a child learns more and more sight words, they become a fast and fluent reader which is so important for reading skills.  Even though every child learns at their own pace, they still can build stronger reading skills well into adulthood.

There are excellent programs out there that help with reading skills. Reading programs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Check out an example of a great and inexpensive reading program here: Click Here!



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