Tarté Asian Yogurt – Alternative to Traditional and Greek Yogurts

Tarté Asian Yogurt – Alternative to Traditional and Greek Yogurts


The debate is out there regarding traditional yogurt and Greek yogurt. One has less sugar and headlining that it is “better for you” but has flavorless taste; one tastes great, but high in sugar. Are you ready to try another yogurt option? How about Tarté Asian Yogurt?

Tarté Asian Yogurt is an all-natural French-Vietnamese fusion yogurt that is nutrient-smart, lusciously smooth and creamy, and subtly sweet and tangy. The uniqueness of its style and taste is the result of Tarté’s slow and gentle cooking process, which caramelizes the natural sugars found in milk, while retaining key nutrients by not straining. Each delicious batch is made simply with locally sourced rBST/rBGH free milk, fresh from California family farms, and flavored with premium exotic fruits.

Tarté Asian Yogurt flavors include:
• The Original
• Strawberry & Guanabana
• Acai & Blueberry
• Mango & Coconut
• Green Tea & Honey

History of Tarté Asian Yogurt
In 2010 while strolling down the grocery aisle, Henry Lee looked at the yogurt section and was unimpressed with the offerings. Two extremes were on display; the unnatural, artificially flavored and overly sweetened “traditional” variety, or the healthy, but unappealing, chalky and flavorless Greek yogurt. Tired and bored with these options, Henry wondered where he could find a nutritious, slightly sweet, somewhat tangy, real authentic “good for you” yogurt. What he really craved wasn’t available in stores, it was the memory of the homemade yogurt from our mom’s kitchen when he was a kid– he wanted her Asian Yogurt! Mom’s deliciously tart recipe originates from Southeast Asian tradition. Using her recipe, Henry, along with his brother Winston, began making small batches of Asian Yogurt to share with their friends. Soon they couldn’t make enough Asian Yogurt to satisfy all of their friends’ requests and they recognized they had something special. After lots of encouragement, they decided to further develop mom’s yogurt.

Tarté Asian Yogurt was carefully cultured and developed in Santa Monica, CA and the Dairy Products Technology Center at Cal Poly San Luis. To find a location near you, visit http://www.tarteyogurt.com. For more information and to stay up-to-date on Tarté Asian Yogurt news and recipe ideas, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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