Every Father’s Daughter {Book Review}

Every Father’s Daughter {Book Review}

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With Father’s Day approaching, Every Father’s Daughter :Twenty-Four Women Writers Remember Their Fathers is a great find that demonstrates the many different relationships between fathers and daughters and also the uniqueness of those relationships.

As we know, no two relationships are the same. This book portrays love, understanding, forgiveness, hurt, disappointment, and many more emotions that bond a father/daughter relationship.

“Every Father’s Daughter” is a collection of 25 personal essays by women writers sharing about their fathers.

The editor, Margaret McMullan, is a distinguished novelist and educator. About half of the essays were written by invitation for this anthology; others were selected by Ms. McMullan and her associate, Philip Lopate.

From the Foreword by Margaret McMullan:

After my father died, I couldn’t read or write, perhaps because, in the end, my father was unable to read or write. I didn’t know it then, but I was looking for a collection of intensely personal essays, written by great women writers telling me about their fathers and how they came to know their fathers, a collection which might help me make some kind of sense of my own very close relationship with my father. I wanted to know from women, replacement sisters, if they had similar relationships with their fathers as I had with mine. Or, if their relationships were altogether different, I wanted to know how exactly these relationships were different. I wanted to know if the fact that my father was Southern had anything to do with anything. I suppose, more than anything, I just wanted to know that I wasn’t alone in my love, my loss, my loneliness. I wanted to read this anthology, but it did not exist. Writers write the book they want to read. Editors do the same. This book came out of a need, my own, personal, selfish need.

Eventually, I contacted the authors I loved and admired some of them friends, some of them friends of my father s. I never wanted this to feel like an assignment, but I suppose it was. I simply asked these women to tell me about their fathers. They took it from there. For some authors, the idea of writing about a father just clicked, and they wrote their essays, often within days of the request. We all have stories about our fathers, even if it’s a bad story or a non-story, it’s a story. If you write, you will read these essays and feel the need to write your own.

A little About the Author:

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Margaret McMullan is the author of six award-winning novels including Sources of Light, In My Mother’s House, Cashay, When I Crossed No-Bob, and How I Found the Strong. Margaret writes mostly fiction for both adults and young adults, and she is especially interested in how historical events affect ordinary people. Her essays and short stories have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Southern Accents, TriQuarterly, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Greensboro Review, Mississippi Magazine, Other Voices, Boulevard, Ploughshares, and The Sun among others.

Margaret is also a recipient of a 2010 NEA Fellowship in literature and a 2010 Fulbright to teach in Hungary, Margaret is the National Author Winner of the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. She currently holds the Melvin Peterson Endowed Chair in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. Visit her website at: www.margaretmcmullan.com.

Every Father’s Daughter can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and anywhere books are sold. Get your Father’s Day copy today!

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