5 Flavorful Father’s Day Recipes

5 Flavorful Father’s Day Recipes


Since Father’s Day is this Sunday, are you still planning your menu or looking for new ideas? Including the kiddies in the mix is also beneficial as it encourages participation in the kitchen.  What are some flavorful Father’s Day recipes you can make for the father in your life?  Check out these favorites:

1. Slow Cooker Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwiches – Not only do these sound amazing, it’s the perfect Father’s Day meal.  From ingredients ranging from round steak to provolone cheese, this recipe will make their mouths water.  For full details on how to put this recipe together, visit Six Sisters Stuff

2. Korean BBQ Beef Kabobs – Take a kabob recipe up a notch with this unique Korean BBQ recipe.  All you need are a few ingredients ranging from sirloin steak to brown sugar, sesame oil, pear juice, etc.  It will most likely be a hit on your Father’s Day menu.  For full details, visit: Six Sisters Stuff.

For the rest of these flavorful recipe ideas, visit my guest post over at Volkswagen of Peoria.

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