The Great American Milk Drive – Donate Today!

The Great American Milk Drive – Donate Today!


When I think of donating to a local food bank or a local food pantry, I normally think of the usual staple items to donate….canned goods and personal care products, etc., that fill their shelves. Recently, I learned about another fresh food option in an interview with Dietitian Michelle Dudash called “The Great American Milk Drive.”

Believe it or not, millions of children rely on free or reduced meals during the school year. When school is out this time of the year, 22 million children are missing out on milk. Here’s your chance to help those children in need.

“The Great American Milk Drive” offers fresh nutritious milk to children and families in need. Food pantries/food banks are really getting excited and appreciate this fresh food option. Donations can be made online at for as little as $5. Vouchers are given to food pantries/food banks and to be given to those families in need to purchase fresh milk.

While on the website, onlookers can track how many gallons have been delivered in their individual state. As I’m writing this, there have been a total of 331,912 gallons donated nationwide.  46,863 milk gallons have been donated to food banks in Michigan.

For my complete interview with Dietitian Michelle Dudash, click here.

Think outside of the box next time you are donating to your local food bank or food pantry and opt for a fresh donation alternative – MILK!

Cynthia Tait

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