The Spider on the Web {Book Review}

The Spider on the Web {Book Review}


Now that kiddos are on the internet at a young age, parents really need to be aware of the dangers and risks when their children are online. The world-wide web has so much useful information and poses as an information tool, but there are also dangers and deceptions to be aware of.

In this second book in his One Creepy Street Series – The Spider on the Web, Author, Lee Jordan, (with help from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force) entwines a creepy Halloween story into educating the dangers of deception on the internet. He also encourages the importance of parent supervision when children are on the web and all around internet safety.

“The Spider on the Web” is intended for elementary students, but even my five-year old enjoyed it! For all parents/grandparents who have children on the internet, this book is for you.

Jordan lives outside Ft. Worth, TX with his wife, three children, eight dogs, two cats, and various visiting animals and friends. His first book in the One Creepy Street Series is called Annica’s Broom. This book covered the consequences of texting while flying your broom.

“The Spider on the Web” can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and anywhere books are sold.

Cynthia Tait

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