Importance of Annual Eye Exams for Children

Importance of Annual Eye Exams for Children


Believe it or not, the new school year is right around the corner. Parents have so many to-do’s on their list to prepare their kiddos for the new school year. One important item on the list that shouldn’t be forgotten is….annual eye exams.

Check out this guest piece from Meredith Vandiver regarding the importance of annual eye exams and their “Let’s Go See” initiative:

This back-to-school season, Visionworks and Davis Vision are teaming up to raise awareness of the importance of annual eye exams for children. We are encouraging families across the U.S. to join us in including an eye exam on their child’s annual back-to-school checklist.

Why? Did you know that 1 in 4 children have a vision problem? And, 60% of children labeled as problem learners have an undetected vision problem? Many U.S. parents simply don’t know their children has a vision problem, or don’t have the means to afford routine vision care.

Visionworks and Davis Vision are committed to raising awareness of the importance of this issue to all parents, as well as helping children in need. Our joint initiative, aptly named “Let’s Go See”, will not only serve as a public awareness campaign, it will also help 10,000 children in need receive free eye exams and eyeglasses!

We will be kicking off National “Let’s Go See” Awareness Month this August inviting parents, teachers, coaches and community members to visit to nominate a child, school, or organization in need of a free comprehensive eye exams and glasses. And for those parents who do have vision insurance, have signed up for ACA, or have the financial means to afford an eye exam – we are asking them to help us spread awareness by pledging to get their child(ren)’s eyes examined before school starts and share their pledge via social media.

We’d love your help in raising awareness about the importance of annual eye exams as we launch this important vision health initiative. During our Let’s Go See launch, taking place in August, we’d love your help by asking your internal teams, as well as your audience to:

• Pledge to take their child(ren) to get an annual eye exam
• Nominate a school/organization/child in need for a free eye exam and pair of glasses via
• Help spread the word about our commitment to donating 10,000 eye exams and glasses to children in need
• Share the link to the Let’s Go See website
• Share the statistics via The Importance of Annual Eye Exams Infographic

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