7 Awesome Tips To Get Your Kitchen Back-to-School Ready!

7 Awesome Tips To Get Your Kitchen Back-to-School Ready!


It’s that time of  year again when parents, especially moms, will become busier than ever. If you are a mom wanting to make your kitchen back-to-school ready, below are some awesome tips that can help. Aside from making your task easier and lighter, kids can also get huge benefit from them.

7 Awesome Kitchen Tips

Designate a Snack Station

Designate a pantry shelf that is quite low enough for kids to reach. This way, kids can help themselves with snacks whenever they want. Make sure to fill it with healthful snacks like dried fruit, packs of nuts, and granola bars.

Stock Up

Fill a clear storage bin with re-sealable plastic bags, ties, tissues, napkins, or any other disposable items that are usually used for school snacks or lunch. This will make your life easier when it’s time to pack up.

Color Code

Color coding your kids’ lunchboxes works wonders. This way they won’t grab the wrong lunchbox during rush hour or mornings. It can also make your life easier in terms of identifying what kind of food goes to certain lunchboxes.

Designate a Lunchbox Zone

Designating an area in your kitchen as lunchbox zone definitely helps! This is where your kids can drop their lunchbox after school. This can also be the area where your kids can pick up their lunchboxes before going to school.

Create a Wish List Board

Place or hang a small whiteboard in the kitchen that is within reach of all family members. Designate it as a wish list board wherein your kids can list down what they want. Aside from fulfilling their cravings, your kids will also feel responsible now in terms of checking out what food supply already runs out.

Prepare Backup Breakfast

As a parent or a mom, you only want nothing but the best and greatest breakfast for your kids everyday. But there are times that it’s not possible to have one. When rush hour comes, it will definitely help if you have a kitchen spot for some grab and go breakfasts. Place some oatmeal or energy bars, yogurts and fruits. Your kids will thank you for this.

Let Them Have Some Fruits

Make sure to fill your storage or kitchen with fresh fruits. Make sure to place it at plain sight. This way, it’s highly likely that they will get pick by your kids compared to those snacks that are placed inside your fridge or alike.

These tips are not that complicated nor advanced. They are quite simple, easy to follow, and understand. Hopefully, your kids will help you as the new school year begins.

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