Tips to Improve Your Children’s Nutrition {Interview}

Tips to Improve Your Children’s Nutrition {Interview}

Moms…are you struggling to decipher the best nutritional needs for your kiddos? If you’re thinking yes….you’re not alone and most parents agree it isn’t always easy preparing nutritious foods for breakfast/lunch and dinner.

Come join me in a recent interview with Best-Selling Author and Pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann who explains the importance of rethinking nutritional routines with our children. Dr. Tanya explains the importance of a nutritious breakfast, how protein is essential, and what products provide the highest protein. She also discusses packing school lunches, the importance of whole grains and how to read product labels along with white milk vs. chocolate milk.

Dr. Tanya has some great nutrition ideas.  Check out Dr. Tanya’s complete interview right here:

Dr Tayna Bio
A working mother and UCLA-trained pediatrician who practices in Southern California, Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann is a best-selling author, network television parenting expert, and entertainment industry consultant. Dr. Tanya is an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson, approved by the national physician organization to communicate complicated medical issues into easily understood concepts. Dr. Tanya has served on the board of the National Association of Medical Communicators and the executive board of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Communications and Media.

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