I Forgot About the Library!

I Forgot About the Library!


Yes, you read that right…I forgot about the library. I forgot that there was a beautiful place down the street from me, filled with hundreds and hundreds of books. I forgot that you can borrow these books with a little card and can take them home and read them and then bring them back and get some more. I forgot that all this is free! Yes, free!! The library is free!


Sadly, not very many people use libraries anymore. We are living in a world surrounded by technology and reading a book, a real turn the pages and smell the scent book, doesn’t happen that often anymore. Now a days people are downloading books to read on their phones or kindles. Some libraries have online eBooks that you can borrow, which is nice for the people who like to read on their technology. I, however, am a feel the pages in my hands kinda book girl.

I’ve been buying books from the thrift store or used book sales for months now and then it dawned on me, “why not use the library?” Living in a technology motivated world, I forgot there was even a place that had books I could borrow. I think most people have. Another bonus for using the library is that I’m trying to declutter my house and though I don’t count books as clutter, I probably don’t need to add anymore to my bookshelves right now. I can borrow a book, read it, return it, and get a new one all while saving money and space.


September is National Sign Up For A Library Card Month! So if you don’t have one yet, you should go and get one and support your local library! Also, don’t forget the library holds all kinds of events for kids and adults. From story time to movie night, to even book clubs. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local library and check out some books!

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