How to Talk to Your OB/GYN About Cancer Risks

How to Talk to Your OB/GYN About Cancer Risks

“1 in 2 women will be faced with cancer in their lifetime.”


Scheduling that yearly OB/GYN exam isn’t the most favorite appointment on my “to-do list.”  Do you feel the same?  From the moment I make the appointment until the day of the appointment, I feel very apprehensive about going.  Is it the fact that I don’t want to get stark naked in front of my doctor or is it that I’m are afraid the doctor will find something wrong with me or is it just that I’m plain too busy to go?  Maybe all of the above?

No one looks forward to their yearly OB/GYN appointment. Stripping down to a paper gown can be awkward and uncomfortable.

That may be why only 52% of women visited an OBGYN last year. According to a recent survey, only 57% of women believe OBGYN visits are essential. What’s even more surprising is that nearly 80% of women are concerned about their risk for cancer, but few bring up either ovarian or cervical cancer when they are in the doctor’s office.

Join me in a recent interview with Dr. Sharyn M, Lewin, Medical Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Dept. at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ. and also President of the Lewin Fund, as she tackles those tough questions regarding why it is important to schedule a yearly exam.  Dr. Lewin also touches base on cancer prevention, statistics on age groups currently with cancer, advanced treatments for cancer, and who is at risk.

View the entire interview here.

Are you overdue for your OB/GYN exam?  If so, schedule yours today.  You’re worth it!

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