What You Need to Know About Multiple Sclerosis – With Expert Dr. Timothy West

“400,000 people are living with diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis in America; 2.3 million people worldwide.”
 Multiple Sclerosis is a tough disease because there is no single test for it.  And to complicate matters, the symptoms and disease progression often differ from person to person.  With MS, the immune system, which is supposed to protect us, actually turns on us and starts to attack us. The immune system attacks the nervous system affecting the brain, spinal cord and eyes resulting in a whole host of symptoms and problems. Neurologist and Multiple Sclerosis expert Dr. Timothy West and MS LifeLines Ambassador Jacqueline, recently let me join in on an interview with them to talk about MS.  Dr. West and Jacqueline had some great knowledge to share about MS, including:
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Who is at risk?
  • When should a patient seek help?
  • Current treatments
  • How can we support a person living with MS?
  • What resources are available to help with MS and their families?
  • What is MS Lifelines?
Click here audio interview:
If you feel you are at risk for MS, NOW is the time to seek help.  Contact your local neurologist today.
Dr. Timothy West Biography:  Received his MD from University of California, San Francisco and did a Fellowship at the University of California San Francisco Multiple Sclerosis Center and Residencies at University of California San Francisco Medical Center.  Before joining Sansum Clinic in Oct 2014, he was the director of the MS center at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo center for brain health in Las Vegas, Nevada.
More About Dr. West:  Dr. West was inspired to become a doctor and MS specialist when his mother was diagnosed with MS.  Seeking to learn more about her illness, Dr. West took a year off from medical school to perform clinical research at UC San Francisco. The experience led him to convince his father to have his mother re-evaluated and Dr. West returned to school to change his specialty from pediatrics to neurology and complete his degree.
For MS support go to www.mslifelines.com.

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