Gift Everyone with a Phone or Tablet Needs


This Christmas, help someone take care of their phone or tablet!

Remember when you first got your phone? The screen felt smooth and clean and your fingerprints didn’t stick yet. After a few months of constant touching and swiping, that special coating wore off and now your phone is left a smudgy mess! PhoneSoap Polish restores that coating. It is a difference you can feel!

All the smudgy oils from your fingers and face get trapped in the microscopic pores of your screen. PhoneSoap Polish fills in those pores creating a silky smooth surface that wipes clean faster and easier. The layer acts as a temporary shield against bacteria, smudges and scratches. As the layer builds up with repeated applications, the better it works!

PhoneSoap Polish is a special blend of naturally-occurring antibacterial waxes. It’s 100% non-toxic and chemical free. So natural, you could eat it… but don’t eat it.

On average, Americans replace their phones every 22 months. Just one stick of PhoneSoap Polish will produce several HUNDRED repeat polish applications.

It’s so easy to use too:

Step 1: Mark an [X] on your screen with the PhoneSoap Polish.

Step 2: Evenly rub the wax in a circular motion with the foam cap or your finger.

Step 3: Let set for at least a minute. For best results, let set overnight.

Step 4: Lightly buff to a shine with the included laser etched microfiber cloth.

PhoneSoap Polish is $14.95 and available at

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