And Then it Rained on Malcolm {Book Promotion}


Cynthia received a copy of this book in exchange for this post.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.

It was a beautiful day for Malcolm to play outside, until it rained. Malcolm then sulked, and yelled and scowled. But then he came up with a brilliant idea…what he really needed to do was to go back outside prepared to enjoy the rain and mud. And so he did! He dressed up and went back outside and splashed and splashed and played in the mud…annnnnd then ran right through the house. Oh what a mess he had! How can Malcolm fix this mess?
And Then it Rained on Malcolm  by Paige Feurer, is a beautiful illustrated hardcover book geared for ages 3-6 (preschool – kindergarten). It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere children’s books are sold.
About the Author and Illustrator:
Paige Feurer is a child psychologist and former teacher. While studying in Vancouver, Canada and Lancaster, England, she learned that a little rain shouldn’t stop you from playing. Paige lives in Calgary with her two daughters and makes the most of all rain showers that come her way.

Rich Farr has been designing and illustrating professionally for over seventeen years. Having recently left the rain of Victoria, Canada, behind, he now lives in the snowy tundra of Calgary with his two sons. Whenever possible, Rich stomps in puddles, plays in mud, and makes messes.

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