Casey’s Bright Red Christmas {Book Review}

Casey’s Bright Red Christmas {Book Review}


Cynthia received a copy of Casey’s Bright Red Christmas ($13.50 value) in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


Christmas is coming and Casey and her team are planning on their usual preparations at Happy Skies Farm….decorating the farm, baking cookies, and getting ready for their celebration . With all the daily farm work to do and not feeling up to par with a cold, Casey gets distracted and the team worries about their Christmas traditions with her. Should Christmas be cancelled? See how Tillus, the worm, Big Red, Sammy and the rest of the team get back on track to save the day!

For those little tractor lovers in the family, this colorful cartoon book is a Christmas MUST! My 6-year old just loved it! In the inside front and back cover, there are the many cartoon farm tractors, equipment, along with their names that was a crowd pleaser with my son. Also, at the end of the book, there is a Frosted Sugar Cookie recipe that my kiddos had to try out. The cookies were yummy!


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Casey’s Bright Red Christmas can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere children’s books are sold.

More about the Publisher, Author and Illustrator:

Published by Octane Press, known for their award-winning tractor books, “Casey & Friends” uses photos of CASE IH equipment in real farming situations with cartoon characters to explain how modern farm equipment works in a factual and fun way. Author Holly Dufek, a seasoned educator and national curriculum writer, joins Paul Nunn, Licensed Artist for Disney and Lucas Film, to help kids make the connection with the farm equipment they see in the countryside and the food on their table.

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