Are You Traveling the Great Open Roads this Winter Season?


With the holiday and winter season comes winter road trips for families all over the map. What about car must-haves for those road trips? It’s important to stay equipped with the proper items because you never know when an emergency may strike.

A good example to start with is to make sure your vehicle has extra blankets in case of becoming stranded during cold weather and possible snow. The best tip with this is keep an extra blanket or two zipped up tightly in a protective case and store in the trunk. That way you don’t have to worry about dirt and germs touching your blankets in the event you do need them. Nothing worse than stinky and dirty blankets.

Pack an extra change of warm clothes – Even though this is a given on your road trip, you will always want just that little bit extra. Keep an “in case of emergency” clothes packed tightly in a bag and keep it hidden in the trunk by your extra blankets. Shoes, boots, hats, and scarves are a good idea too.

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