The Daring Prince Dashing {Book Promotion}


Cynthia received a copy of “The Daring Prince Dashing” ($16.99 value) in exchange for this promotion.  Any opinions expressed are honest and her own.


If you are looking for a silly fairy tale for your kiddos, this is the book for you. And….If you’re tired of the same old Cinderella story and looking for fairy tale excitement, this is the book for you too.

Meet Prince Dashing….a very off-the wall prince who makes life VERY exciting and never boring. He toasts his s’mores by dragon’s breath and bathes in the moat with the crocodiles and dangles upside down from a tree while eating his snack.

As you can see Prince Dashing is no ordinary price. On the night of the royal ice cream social, Prince Dashing seems to meet his equal who is a girl who pogo sticked into the social and bounded on a tightrope while eating her sundae. But at the stroke of bedtime, the girl hurried off leaving her pogo stick behind. Prince Daring then pledges to find the girl who can make the right sound with that sticky-thingy (as Prince Dashing calls the pogo stick)…while blindfolded. Will Prince Dashing find his so called new friend? You’ll have to read this crazy adventure to find out.

The Daring Prince Dashing is suited for Preschool thru Kindergarten (ages 3-6). This colorful hardcover book can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold.

About the Author and Illustrator

Marilou T. Reeder (author) received a Barbara Karlin Grant letter of merit in 2009. In 2010, she was awarded the SCBWI Pocono Mountain Retreat author scholarship, for writers who show exceptional promise. When she is not writing for children, she keeps busy with freelance business and technical writing. She currently lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Karl West (illustrator) is a freelance illustrator, doodler, and full-time coffee drinker. He produces both traditional and digital work from his studio in Dorset, England.

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