Invisible Glass: #1-Selling Automotive Glass Cleaner! {REVIEW}

Invisible Glass: #1-Selling Automotive Glass Cleaner! {REVIEW}


Cynthia received samples of Invisible Glass ($20.63 value) and gift set in exchange for this post.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


Tired of streaky window cleaners that just don’t get the job done? If so, try Invisible Glass.

Invisible Glass is the #1-selling automotive glass cleaner. It does not contain soaps, scents, or dyes like most glass cleaners so it doesn’t leave behind any streaky residues. The Reach & Clean Tool makes easy work out of cleaning hard-to-reach areas like tall windows or low-sloping windshields in cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.

Recently, I received a complementary Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Giftset and their new Invisible Glass EZ Grip cleaner to try out. The Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Giftset is intended for auto window cleaning and the Invisible Glass EZ Grip cleaner is intended for household cleaning. I sent the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Giftset outside with my husband to try out in the shed as he’s the car detail person in our household and I then put the Invisible Glass EZ Grip Glass Cleaner to work in the house and this is what we came up with.


First, my husband’s assessment of the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Giftset…. He gave it a fairly well and good performance after cleaning the windows in my car. He stated the “Reach and Clean Tool produced a slight learning curve, but it worked well in hard to reach areas.” He also stated that he “didn’t seem to have any streaking issues with the product and that it dried quickly as that seems to be the #1 complaint with most window cleaners.” He was impressed and stated he would recommend it to others.

Second, my assessment of Invisible Glass EZ Grip Spray….It worked pretty good on glass windows. The first windows I used it on were very cold and I noticed a slight haze, but once it quickly dried, the windows were very clean. Not sure if the very cold window was a factor? Next, I tried it on the bathroom mirrors (I know it states glass, but mirrors and glass are the same in my book) and WOW, it cleaned like a champ! It dried quickly and no streaks or haze and was very clean and got those toothpaste spots off my mirror. Lastly, I decided to see how it would perform on my glass shower door. Now mind you, we don’t squeegee the door after each shower, so there is some soap scum and what have you on this door. The door is only a year and a half old so there isn’t years of grime on it, but it isn’t clean either. Once again I was very pleasantly surprised how well it cleaned and took off the soap scum on the door also. It looked very clean! In my book this product is looking like a keeper!

The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Giftset is new this year and available exclusively at Wal-Mart and for $12.88.

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Check out this short video about the R&C Tool to give you more details on its usage:


I would like to thank the folks over at Invisible Glass for giving me the opportunity to try out their products! They are great!

Cynthia Tait

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