Role Model Ricky’s Big Birthday Bash {Book Promotion}


Positive role models in our kiddo’s lives are hard to come by. How can we instill good manners and aspire them to be good role models for others? Role Model Ricky’s Big Birthday Bash by Jeremy and Janel Miller, demonstrates good character in our kiddos. It also shows them the importance of good manners and how their actions can affect others.

Read along and meet Ricky, whose birthday is today. He dreams of a big birthday party with all his friends. Ricky’s parents are allowing him to have a big party if he’s a good role model. See how Ricky handles his birthday party and does he make his parents proud of him? You’ll have to read this positive role model book to see!

Role Model Ricky’s Big Birthday Bash can be purchased at AuthorHouse, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

More About the Authors:
Jeremy (a Minnesota State Senator) and Janel Miller (who works full-time) live in Winona, Minnesota, and are the proud parents of three sons, Drew and twins, Luke and Tom. Having three children in less than two years, they’ve had their share of learning experiences. This husband and wife duo thought of Role Model Ricky as an exciting way to help teach our youth important values like being respectful, having good manners, and sharing.

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