Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Bells and Dreamies! {Review}

I received samples of Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Bells and Dreamies in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Are you a fan of sweet snack cakes?  I was recently introduced to Mrs. Freshley’s cream filled cakes.  I received their Chocolate Bells and their Dreamies.

The Chocolate Bells are made with real Cocoa and are pretty tasty.  They are round chocolate cakes with a cream filling.  I was bummed though, as when they arrived in the shipment, most of the chocolate bells were crumbly and had fallen apart.  They were still yummy, but was a big mess.  I suggest maybe different methods of shipping as they were contained in a box, but not securely.


Mrs. Freshley’s Dreamies are cream-filled cakes and remind me of the shape and color of Twinkies, though a completely different flavor.  My kids loved both snack treats equally.  I like the Dreamies! 😉

To learn more about these snack cakes and other delicious treats, click here.

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I would like to thank the folks over at Mrs. Freshley’s for giving me the opportunity to sample their products.  They are delicious!

*Images courtesy of Mrs. Freshley’s

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